HIPOWER SYSTEMS Debuts Zenith Powered Generator for Specialized Oil and Gas Applications


Lenexa, KS (July 13, 2016)—HIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power-generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, today announced the debut of the HRNG 95 T6, the company’s newest gaseous generator. Powered by a long-life, heavy-duty engine from world-renowned manufacturer Zenith, the generator is capable of full rated-load acceptance in one step. Designed specifically to power new, more efficient oil and gas industry pumps and other equipment, the HRNG 95 T6 can run on both natural gas and liquid propane, switching from one to the other based on fuel availability.

“The HRNG 95 T6 offers the fuel efficiency and operating flexibility that oil and gas companies seek with maximum reliability and durability,” said HIPOWER SYSTEMS President Rafael Acosta. “Such features as dual-fuel capability and an optional gas scrubber will be especially attractive to them.”

For the enclosure, HIPOWER SYSTEMS chose one of its existing models, which has already been thoroughly field-tested in a variety of environments. The fully sound-attenuated enclosure is fabricated in 11-gauge steel with a powder coated finish that exceeds 1000-hr salt spray test. The enclosure also features wide, lockable steel access doors with rubber seals for easy maintenance and service.

To meet the control demands of remote oil and gas sites, HIPOWER SYSTEMS chose the DSE 7310 controller, a digital control panel with manual and automatic start and stop features, programmable automatic functions and local and remote control.

Options for the HRNG 95 T6 are varied and include:

• Gas scrubbing add-on that is free-standing for optimal delivery and operating flexibility;

• Rotary voltage selector switch;

• Built-in power distribution panel;

• Extra heavy-duty sub base;

• DOT certified towing trailer;

• Interior lights;

• Alternator anti-condensation heaters;

• Winterization kit for low ambient temperature;

• Component heaters (engine block and/or control panel);

• Electric actuator and louvers for air intake and exhaust;

• Snow hoods for air intake and exhaust.

“The oil and gas industry has long been one of our primary markets, and we are committed to responding quickly as they adapt to changing economic conditions,” said Acosta. “For the HRNG 95 T6, we made a special effort to incorporate features that are important to oilfield operators at the present time.”

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